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I've always wanted to have a tie and dye, but I wanted it to be made by a professional. So I called upon my Brompton artist, and I can tell I love my new hairstyle!
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The cheapest hairdresser of Brompton

All our formulae will suit your budget, because here in Brompton, your hairdresser believes that everyone should get the appearance they want, even if money is tight! Enjoy a relaxing time in our salon, we take care of both your hair and your wallet! Rely on us and you won't regret it! Indeed, such bargain prices won't be found all over London, so why not paying us a visit? Become one of our many satisfied customers today, and save money!

Looking for hair care products? Ask for advice your Brompton hairdresser!

In our Brompton salon, you will find what you have been seeking for years: professional but inexpensive hair care products! Our hairdressers will advise you on which products suit your hair type and your needs, so you won't be lost between Kerastase shampoos, Schwartzkopf hairsprays... Maintain your perfect hairstyle thanks to our quality services and products, once again, at the lowest price!

Both men and women get their haircut done in Brompton. Come enjoy your hairdresser services!

You are a man and you want to follow the fads or create your very own hairstyle? It's possible with our Brompton hairdressers! No more "short hairstyles only", you can get a trendy man haircut or a retro rockabilly hairstyle in not time, thanks to our hair techniques. Furthermore, you can bring your children, they will enjoy a good time and can have a nice haircut in our salon too!


Being affordable to everybody is our main goal!


Get a high quality haircut or stunning new hairstyle, with our professional hairdressers.


Our hairdressers will fix all the damage previously done to your hair.